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Captain of the Awesome Machine

Captain of the Awesome Machine is a project that presents some of the music written by Oberon King for his band, played by the original members. Oberon met most of the band back in 2012, while studying jazz at Middlesex University. His strong personality and nervous energy reflected in his music: his drumming was typified by unpredictable, angular outbursts and sounded like nobody else, which would make him an irreplaceable part of the sound of the bands in which he played, most notably Mimika Orchestra. His compositions are full of tricky curves and interlocking rhythmic patterns while always having catchy and distinctive melodies and a vibe of spontaneity. He was influenced by the jazz scene and the world music scene of London at that time, bands like Snarky Puppy and the music of Afro legend Fela Kuti. 

Oberon sadly never fulfilled his ambition of recording the band before he was killed in a car crash at the age of only 24. It was important to his family and bandmates to create a permanent record of his writing, not only to pay tribute to him this way but also to spread Oberon’s unique and beautiful music to the public.

Although the compositions can never be quite the same without the presence of their creator, the band hopes this album does them justice. Tim Doyle, who generously agreed to take on the responsibility of stepping into Oberon’s shoes, did a great job of learning the complex music and adding through his drumming, his rich musicality. Captain of the Awesome Machine was recorded live and this together with the zero overdubbing and the powerful and “honest” improvisations, gives it the feeling of a “first” album. 

The album was recorded in Fish Factory Studios London, on February 2018 and it was mixed and mastered in Okinawa Studios London, on April 2020. It will be released online by GBD Records on November 8th 2020.



Captain of the Awesome Machine are:

Maria Chiara Argiró: Piano, Electric Piano, Hammond.

Jamie Benzies: Bass.

Jack Doherty: Synthesisers.

Tim Doyle: Drums.

Rob Milne: Tenor Sax.

Rich Muscat: Alto Sax.

Seb Silas: Bass Sax.

Rosie Turton: Trombone.

Sam Warner: Trumpet.

Nikos Ziarkas: Guitar.


Recorded, mixed and mastered by George Botis.

Produced by Captain of the Awesome Machine and George Botis.

In memory of Oberon King.


Captain of the Awesome Machine


Captain of the Awesome Machine Album Cov



COTAM Homeland Single Cover.jpg
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