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Rich Muscat

Rich Muscat is a London based Saxophonist, Clarinetist, Flautist, Composer and Producer.

Born and raised in Portsmouth, Rich formed his first band in his early teens and by the age of 15 was a prominent figure on the UK Ska/Punk scene, touring the country and playing alongside acts such as Madness, Neville Staples, Roddy Radiation, The Skints and Streetlight Manifesto.

At an early age Rich became infatuated with the magic of improvisation and soon discovered the music of John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Herbie Hancock, Art Pepper and Miles Davis, all musicians who inspired him to study Jazz at Middlesex University in London.
Keen to learn form the source and open his ears further, Rich spent 5 months studying in New Orleans on an exchange program which proved to be a life changing experience, going out every night to absorb the music of New Orleans.

Rich is a versatile multi instrumentalist and therefore in constant high demand in the UK. Known for his strong tone, technical skills and ability to adapt to any musical situation; he is heavily in demand and performs regularly with bands such as Muttnik, Join The Din, Outside Broadcast and Das Brass.

Rich began writing and recording his debut release ‘Karmic Limitations’ in April 2020, utilising the precious time granted as a result of the Lockdown. His music address’s issues such as mental health, social and political injustice all with the intention of blurring the lines between composition and improvisation, navigating through the fog of these uncertain times.

The music was written with these particular musicians in mind, his close friends who are a constant source of inspiration and joy: Angus Bishop (Drums), Jack Doherty (Bass Synth) Maria Chiara Argiro (Piano) Ollie Haycock (Guitar).
All the parts were recorded remotely and then passed on to the next musician, allowing each artist to add their own unique voice.

‘Karmic Limitations’ is out February 4th on GBD Records.


Rich Muscat
feat. Maria Chiara Argirò

PINING Single - OUT January 21st 2021

Rich Muscat
Observe / Absorb

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Rich Muscat
Karmic Limitations

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