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George Botis

London-based artist George Botis is best known for his collaborations  with many London-based bands and solo artists (Electric Litany, Valia Calda, Bouche, Farafi etc) as a producer. 

Having been in the industry for two decades, he has collaborated with many well-known artists and producers (Alan Parsons,  Vin Gordon, Gary Christian, Vic Copersmith Heaven etc).


With its dark distorted sounds, repetitive drum beats and reverberant ambient soundscapes, George Botis’ music draws influence from artists like Ry Cooder, Daniel Lanois, Aphex Twin, Hiroshi Yoshimura and Vangelis. 


His debut solo EP “From the Moon” features a cover of J.S.Bach chorale cantata “I Call on Thee, Lord Jesus Christ” composed in 1732 and three original compositions. Its sound composes a brooding, dystopian and in parts melancholic album. 

“From the Moon” was released via GBD Records in June 2020. 

His second solo work, Taxidevis Akoma, includes eight tracks, most of which were written on the recitations of the poet Christos Laskaris, with the exception of two pieces [Ap’ to feggari (From the moon), Mono sta onira (Only in dreams)] that pre-existed as instrumental. 


Keep up with George Botis on and learn more here:


From The Moon

From the Moon Cover

Taxideveis Akoma

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