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Valia Calda

Valia Caldas’s music draws inspiration from the traditions and struggles of the world.


Founded by Greek brothers Thodoris and Nikos Ziarkas in 2013, the music combines their mutual interest in writing music and the influence of their native Mediterranean upbringing whilst weaving through the liberating paths of free improvisation.

"It’s wonderful to hear the two worlds of freedom and space; discipline and
musical intelligence brought together"
 writes Rob Edgar for the London Jazz News about their first release.

A diverse rhythmic language and a vast variety of sonic possibilities combining acoustic and electronic aesthetics are brought into the compositions.

The eclectic material is embraced by each member’s unique approach and creativity, exploring collectively the group’s musical boundaries.

Together, trumpet player Sam Warner, bass clarinetist James Allsopp, drummer Gaspar Sena, and brothers Nikos and Thodoris Ziarkas (guitar and double bass respectively) have toured nationally and internationally, performing at established venues and festivals such as the London Jazz Festival, BBC Late Proms, Cambridge Jazz Festival and the Vortex Jazz Club, also receiving many radio plays in the US and in Europe.




Valia Calda

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