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Cyber Nine is a musical collaboration between the Greek band, Baildsa (a band with an explosive mixture of post punk and indie rock tunes blended with roots elements from the Eastern Mediterranean and dub, reggae segments) and Saùl (the first solo project of the London-based musician Pav Mav, member of Electric Litany, Balothizer, Turbans and many more). 


Cyber Nine is the fruit of long studio sessions between Baildsa, Saùl and producer George Botis, during the second lockdown. It’s an upbeat and extrovert composition, on an unusual time signature, that could be categorised as belonging to the big family of prog rock.


The track is the first single of a series of singles by Saùl, and serves as an introduction to his versatile sound - a musical mix of Balkan and Eastern influences, built around a rock and synth wave instrumentation. 


Cyber Nine was recorded at the legendary Magnanimous Studios, Thessaloniki, by Asteris Partalios. Additional recordings took place in Sierra Studios, Athens and at Mavi Studios, Izmir and it was finally mixed and mastered by George Botis in Okinawa Studios, London. The single cover is a freeze frame from the upcoming music video for the song.


Cyber Nine will be released through GBD Records on the 24th of September.

Music: Pavlos Mavromatakis / BAILDSA

Lyrics: Pavlos Mavromatakis / Dimitrios Katsafrakis

Thanos Gountanos - Guitar, Vocals

Pavlos Mavromatakis - Bass, Vocals

Dimitris Havlidis - Trumpet, Vocals

Rafos Gkentzis - Organ, Synths, Vocals

Giannis Ioannidis - Bass

Prodromos Mistakidis - Drums

Foibos Apostolidis: Darbuka, Riq, Davul

Serdar Pazarcioǧlu: String Arrangement, Violin 

Dimitris Gasias: Additional String Arrangement, Violin

Recorded by:

Asteris Partalios at Magnanimous Studios, Thessaloniki.

Additional Recordings:

Giannis Baxevanis at Sierra Studios, Athens.

at Mavi Studios, Izmir.

Mixed and Mastered by:

George Botis at Okinawa Studios, London.

Produced by George Botis.

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