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Saul’s journey began in his hometown Athens, where he started experimenting with different instruments while being part of school rock
bands. At the same time, the intensive emotions that Byzantine , Greek and Middle eastern music made him feel , spark his curiosity to explore
traditional music. Arriving in London in 2010 , he started busking and integrated himself into the warehouse communities where he became part of the London music scene in bands such us Electric Litany , The Turbans , Balothizer and Gipsydelica to name a few. With these projects Saúl toured all over the world and established his musical carrier in the London scene as a bassist, vocalist, and percussionist.

In 2021, Saúl collaborated with various artists around the globe to begin creating his debut album alongside his producer, George Botis.


Cyber Nine
Baildsa x Saùl

Cyber Nine Final.jpg
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